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The Boone Foundation At Work




Foundation Scholarship Winners

Hugh Hattabaugh – Catherine McCarthy

Mr. Johns has chosen Catherine McCarthy as this year’s winner of the Hugh Hattabaugh Principal’s Leadership Award. Catherine has been recognized for her outstanding work in journalism by many organizations. She is Editor-in-Chief of the Yearbook, Todd C. Smith Student Florida Journalist of the Year, she’s won All-Florida Awards in 2020 and 2021 for various yearbook categories, First Place for Outstanding Coronavirus Coverage by NSPA, she’s a New York Times photo contest winner, and the list goes on and on.

Class of ’63 – Julia Jamieson

Julia Jamieson is this year’s winner of the Class of ’63 scholarship. Julia was chosen by the Foundation committee because of her contribution to Boone and OCPS through her work in the Environmental Club and because of her contribution in a lead role with the SAT/ACT tutoring organization. Julia has demonstrated she is one to give back and make a difference in the lives of others.

Boone Foundation – Emma Knapp and Sydney Staton

The Boone Foundation has chosen Emma Knapp (left) and Sydney Staton (right) for their contributions not only at Boone but in the Greater Orlando community. Emma served as a coach for the Orange County Special Olympic Volleyball team and took them to a state championship at ESPN. Sydney earned a Girl Scouts Gold Award with a Capstone project helping the elderly get connected to the outside world during the pandemic by teaching them computer skills.


$15,000 Foundation Gift


Providing the latest technology

The Boone Foundation has been instrumental in helping bring our facility and our instruction into the digital age.  Recently, Foundation money has been used to provide needed technology:  additional computer labs, student response systems, and document cameras.  This year, the Foundation’s gift of $15,000 will be used to support our plans to provide the latest instructional technology to our students and teachers including iMac computers for our piano keyboard lab and digital photography lab, digital video equipment for our Brave TV Studio,  and iPads for student use.


“The Boone High School Foundation’s fundraising efforts paid off with a $15,000.00 check presented to the school’s faculty Dec.14th. Holly Theus Storrs, President (Class of 70),  Mike Murray,  Scholarship Chair (Class of 63)and Rosemary Davies (Class of 72) hand off the check to Boone’s Principal,  Dr.  Margaret McMillen (Class of 66).  Monies raised from two Golf Tournaments, our first Orange & White Night and Fall Mixer have all contributed to providing the initial funds needed to purchase new teaching tools: Elmo’s, Smart boards and Tablets for Boone.

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