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Upcoming Reunions

Class of 1974 50th Reunion

OPENING EVENT- Friday, October 11th- 6pm until your bedtime arrives.

Gatlin Hall Brewing- 4721 S. Orange Ave. Orlando, FL 32806

This is an informal gathering. Cost is on your own.


TOUR OF OUR ALMA MATER- Saturday- October 12th- Time 10:00 am 

We are offering up a tour of the campus so you can see all of the changes in recent years!

Address - 1000 E. Kaley St. Orlando, FL 32806


GOLFING EVENT- Saturday, October 12th- 8:30 am tee time-

Captains Choice Scramble

Ventura Country Club- 3201 Woodgate Blvd. Orlando, FL.

Cost- $69

Prizes will be involved!


THE MAIN EVENT! Saturday, October 12th- 6pm-10pm

An evening of reconnecting with friends and classmates.

Dress is business casual.

Ventura Country Club- 3201 Woodgate Blvd. Orlando, FL. 32822

Cost $74 per person which includes non-alcoholic beverages and Heavy appetizers. There will be a cash bar.

Music from 'Our" time


If you have any questions drop us a note to or post it on our Facebook Group page at "William R. Boone Class of 1974".

Class of 1984 40th Reunion


Class of 1994 30th Reunion


Class of 2004 20th Reunion


Class of 2014 10th Reunion


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