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The Boone Foundation has committed to supporting the graduating seniors of Boone High School by funding and supporting the funding of over 5 scholarships a year totaling over $10,000.

These scholarships are open to all graduating Boone seniors. Information about the individual scholarships and their sponsors can be found below.

The Hugh Hattabaugh Principals Leadership Award

This scholarship was created to honor the legacy of beloved Principal Hugh Hattabaugh. The winner is hand chosen by the school's current principal.

The Class of '63 Make A Difference Scholarship

This scholarship was created by and funded by the Graduates of Boone High School in 1963. Longtime board member Mike Murray is a champion of this scholarship and he, along with other alumni, actively participates in the interview process of the candidates. 

This scholarship is directly funded by the Boone Foundation from monies raised at our events, through direct donations, and from yearly reunion donations. Two scholarships are awarded one to a traditional college-bound grad and one to a tech or trade school bound graduate. 

The Brett Creel Memorial Scholarship

Brett Creel was a 2019 graduate of Boone High and a member of a multigenerational family of Alumni. A student of the Boone Health Academy for his 4 years at Boone he discovered his passion for helping others. 

Throughout this program, he learned and experienced various aspects of health fields as well as practical and responsible ways to live and share his knowledge. Starting at a young age, he loved to give a helping hand and always found ways to help others in need.


Brett was a senior attending Florida State University pursuing a degree in Public Health. His goal was to become an anesthesiologist to help lessen the fears and anxiety of those undergoing surgery. Unfortunately, on October 23, 2022 he was tragically killed.


His family and friends want to keep his memory and dream alive to help those in need. Therefore, to honor the Boone Health Academy, those in need of medical attention, and Brett, this memorial scholarship was created. This scholarship is funded through the Brett Creel Health Academy Scholarship Fund and supported by the Boone Foundation. This scholarship will benefit a graduating student in the Health Academy at Boone by providing a financial gift towards their college education in the field of public health or medicine sciences. 


The Forever Brave Scholarships

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