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The Foundation offers grants which allow for teachers to be able to get either extra supplies for their classroom or supplies for the benefit of the student.

Grant Application

These grants have already provided: 

-Grant for 10 universal laptop chargers-

-Grant for funds for Best Buddies End of the Year Celebration-

-Grant for robotics toolboxes-

-Grant for NJROTC monthly awards-

-Classroom Library for Reading Department-

-Hats and Aprons for the Brewing Braves-

-$800 towards Braves Thanksgiving Baskets-

Current Initiatives 

 $15,000 + in annual scholarships to graduating Boone seniors

$45,000 for science laboratory equipment

Grants totaling over $475,000 awarded to teachers for the purchase of instructional supplies and materials for students

Equipment and furniture for the Media Center

Classroom libraries for reading classes to promote literacy achievement

Instructional technology for classrooms

Additional computer labs

iMac computers for the piano keyboard lab and digital photography lab

Digital video equipment for Brave TV studio

$10,000 to fund students through the Performing Arts Program

Emergency assistance for Boone students and staff in times of hardship

Past Initiatives 

Foundation Scholarships to Outstanding Seniors


The History of our Foundation Scholarships

Your BHS Foundation Scholarship Committee was formed in 2006 to facilitate an ongoing and increasing need for money for further education for graduating BHS seniors. Prior to the committee’s formation, the Foundation Board had responded to requests from the administration by providing matching funds for two government-sponsored scholarships, known as Freedom Scholarships, at a level of $500 each. Then, in 2005, the board elected to fund an annual Hugh Hattabaugh Leadership Award, in honor of the former principal. This award was funded for $1,000 each year.

During the same period the Foundation was providing those scholarships out of its general funds, the BHS Class of 1963 decided that the best way they could thank BHS for the educational opportunities and life experiences given them was to raise money for an endowment to provide an annual Make a Difference scholarship to a senior who had demonstrated outstanding and consistent service to both Boone High and the greater Orlando community. The class formed a de facto committee to choose the first recipient in 2004. The committee members were so impressed by the quality of the applicants that they awarded three scholarships that year, a pattern that has been repeated over the years (who says our school is not turning out first-class citizens??).

Since, during the lifespan of the Class of ’63 committee it had used the auspices of the Foundation to safe-keep the money it raised and provide the award checks, several committee members joined the Foundation Board. The natural progression of that relationship led, in 2006, to the establishment of the first Scholarship Committee of the Boone High School Foundation. Current committee members are Mike Holladay, Bonnie Van Dyke and Mike Murray.

Going forward, the chief goal of this committee is to raise funds to establish an endowment that will award scholarships in perpetuity. This goal will be met through annual solicitations of as many BHS graduates and interested community members as we can reach and through special committee fund-raising projects. To date, approximately $17,000 resides in that endowment, after having awarded over $19,000 in scholarships in the past six years. We want to raise both the amount and number of scholarships awarded, so we intend to raise a minimum of $100,000. That level of endowment should enable a minimum annual awards level of $5,000 (in inflation-adjusted dollars) forever, because we are counting on interest earned by those funds to counter inflation. Anyone interested in helping attain the goals of the Scholarship Committee, through service, donation or both, is encouraged to contact  Mike Murray at 407.981.0248 or at

We can join together to make a difference, now and always!

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